The Ultimate Guide To TGI Fridays Reward Stripes

TGI Fridays has a rewards programme called Stripes. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll be outlining how you earn Stripes and some of the best ways to redeem them.

How Do You Earn TGI Fridays Stripes?

Earning TGI Fridays stripes is simple. You get 1 stripe per £1 when you spend at TGI Fridays. The transaction must be valued at over £1 and Stripes are also rounded to the nearest pound so:

  • £8 Spend = 8 Stripes

  • £8.49 Spend = 8 Stripes (rounded down)

  • £8.50 Spend = 9 Stripes (rounded up)

  • £9 Spend = 9 Stripes

To get your stripes, download the TGI Fridays app, sign up to the rewards programme and scan your TGI Fridays receipt. Your points will be credited within 4 hours. Also, check if you have any recent TGI Fridays receipts as the barcodes will remain valid for 3 months.


TGI Fridays Refer A Friend Code

When you download the app and sign up, make sure to use a refer a friend code for a free 25 Stripe bonus.

You can use my code ANDREWYO496 and we’ll both earn 25 Stripes. Once you’ve signed up, you can get friends and family to sign up too. Both the referrer and the referee get 25 bonus Stripes.

If you’re interested in other referral codes. For free stocks/shares, free cash, free points or just free stuff, I’ve compiled a list of refer a friend offers that you can take advantage of.


How To Redeem TGI Fridays Stripes

To redeem your Stripes, go on the TGI Fridays Rewards App and tap on ‘My Rewards’. From there you can choose from a variety of rewards redemptions. Here’s how this works.

There are 4 different levels that you can reach with your Stripes to unlock different rewards.

  • Level 1: Mover - Redeem for Mozzarella Dippers, Loaded Skins or Muchos Nachos

  • Level 2: Shaker - Redeem for Sesame Chicken (Appetizer), Chicken Wings, Classic American Burger Meal, Vegan Burger Meal or Any Kids Meal

  • Level 3: Rocker - Redeem for Double Glazed Burger Meal, Double Glazed Half Rack Ribs Meal, Sesame Chicken Strips with Crispy Fries or Sizzling Roasted Veg Fajitas

  • Level 4: Roller - Redeem for Steak, Chicken and Shrimp Grill, Steak, Ribs and Shrimp Grill, 12oz Ribeye Steak, Ultimate Double Glazed Ribs or Gravy Seal Burger Meal

Whilst all of the rewards in each tier are valued at the same number of Stripes, the actual food prices still vary. In other words, you can redeem 50 Stripes for each of the three “Mover” offerings but they still differ in value.

This means you could get better or worse value for your Stripes depending on how you choose to redeem them.

Redeeming Stripes From Different Accounts For The Same Meal

You might be wondering whether you can use more than one Stripe account per meal. In other words, if more than one person in your party has Stripes to redeem, can they? Even if they’re under different accounts. This ones a bit unclear (and might depend on your server) but there is one way to ensure you can do this. Just split the bill so that the people redeeming stripes are on separate receipts.

Best And Worst TGI Fridays Stripe Redemptions

To help you figure out what sort of value you’re getting for your TGI Fridays Stripes, I’ve compared the menu prices with the Stripe cost. The higher the stripe value (column on the right), the better value your redemption:

Tier TGIF Stripes Menu Item Item Cost Stripe Value


Mozzarella Dippers £5.99 £0.12
Loaded Skins £5.99 £0.12
Muchos Nachos £5.49 £0.11


Sesame Chicken Strips £6.99 £0.07
Chicken Wings £6.49 £0.06
Classic American Burger Meal £10.49 £0.10
Vegan Burger Meal £11.49 £0.11
Any Kids Meal £6.49 £0.06


Double Glazed Burger Meal £12.49 £0.08
Double Glazed Half Ribs Meal £14.99 £0.10
Sesame Chicken Strips With Fries £13.99 £0.09
Vegitable Fajitas £10.99 £0.07


Steak, Chicken, Shrimp Grill £19.99 £0.10
Steak Ribs, Shrimp Grill £20.99 £0.10
12oz Ribeye Steak £19.99 £0.10
Ultimate Double Glazed Ribs £19.99 £0.10
Gravy Seal Burger Meal £16.49 £0.08

The important part of the table to focus on is the ‘Stripe Value’ column. Getting 12 pence per Stripe, for example, is a lot better than getting 6 pence per Stripe.

Top 5 Best Stripe Redemptions

  1. Mozzarella Dippers - 50 Stripes - £5.99 Value = 12p per Stripe

  2. Loaded Skins - 50 Stripes - £5.99 Value = 12p per Stripe

  3. Muchos Nachos - 50 Stripes - £5.49 Value = 11p per Stripe

  4. Vegan Burger Meal - 100 Stripes - £11.49 Value = 11p per Stripe

  5. Classic American Burger Meal - 100 Stripes - £10.49 Value = 10p per Stripe

Top 5 Worst Stripe Redemptions

  1. Chicken Wings - 100 Stripes - £6.49 Value = 6p per Stripe

  2. Any Kids Meal - 100 Stripes - £6.49 Value (Best) = 6p per Stripe

  3. Veg. Fajitas - 150 Stripes - £10.99 Value = 7p per Stripe

  4. Sesame Chicken Strips Appetiser - 100 Stripes - £6.99 Value = 7p per Stripe

  5. Gravy Seal Burger Meal - 200 Stripes - £16.40 Value = 8p per Stripe

What’s interesting about TGI Fridays Stripe redemptions is that the best ones are actually in the lowest tier category, the free appetisers. All of the 50 point ‘Mover’ redemptions offer good Stripe value. Both the Mozzarella Dippers and the Loaded Skins offer a value of 12p per Stripe.

Chicken Wings is the worst adult meal redemption. It costs 100 Stripes but it’s only valued at 50p more than the Mozzarella Dippers or the Loaded Skins. Since it costs £6.49, you’re only getting a measly 6p per Stripe.

Looking at Kids Meal redemptions, I’ve actually included the best value meal on offer, the Major League meal valued at £6.49. If you put the Stripes towards a Little League meal, valued at £4.99, you’ll only get 5p per Stripe. In other words, try to avoid redeeming your Stripes for kids meals.

The important part of the table to focus on is the ‘Stripe Value’ column. Getting 12 pence per Stripe, for example, is a lot better than getting 6 pence per Stripe.

TGI Fridays Birthday Treats

One other benefit of being part of the TGI Fridays Stripes rewards scheme is that you’ll get a treat for your birthday.

You’ll receive the reward 7 days before your birthday, which entitles you to up to 12 free cocktails or mocktails with every purchased main meal. This does not include the TGI Friday ultimate cocktails.

With cocktails valued between £5.99 and £7.99 and mocktails valued at £3.80, this could save you anywhere up to £95 on a birthday meal.

Do TGI Friday Stripes Expire?

Yes, TGI Fridays Stripes expire 365 days after you’ve earned them. This means your points will have mixed expiry dates. One way to keep on top of expiring Stripes is to look at the ‘News’ section of the TGI Fridays app. If you have any Stripes expiring soon, there should be a reminder pop-up in that section of the app.