My Portfolio of Passive Investments

My portfolio of Vanguard Index Investments, side portfolio and resources to help you start investing.

Updated 31st May 2022

As as UK-based investor, I based each investment decision on my own research. These are not investment recommendations. Before making any investment decision, you must do your own research and/or speak to a professional.

My Investment Strategy

⏳ Focus on The Long Term - Invest a large portion of my savings each month into Vanguard passive index funds.

📈 Vanguard Stocks and Shares ISA - I invest in a Vanguard ISA. An ISA allows me to contribute up to £20,000 in the 21/22 tax year. Any income (eg. dividends/bond income) or capital gain made in an ISA is tax free.

🏡 Vanguard Personal Pension (SIPP) - I also invest in a Vanguard SIPP where I get tax relief on my contributions. Vanguard are rare in that they allow you to share the £375 ISA/SIPP fee cap between accounts.

Current Vanguard Index Fund Portfolio

⚓ Allocation: 100% Vanguard FTSE Global All Cap Index Fund (Accumulation)

*Total Return: The return since I first started investing with Vanguard at the end of May 2018

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Side Portfolio

Alongside my main Vanguard Index Fund portfolio, I also have a side portfolio of other assets (individual ETFs and Crypto) which I’ve earned through referrals (through the blog) and rewards. I withdraw some of these from time to time.

🌎 VWRL (ETF) - Split between my Trading212 and FreeTrade accounts, I’ve earned random referral shares, some of which I’ve converted into Vanguard VWLR ETF stock (Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF)

📱 CryptoCurrency - Earned through SwissBorg, CoinBase Earn and Zumo referrals. Earn Crypto by answering quiz questions on CoinBase and referring others.

Side Portfolio (£)

Resources To Help You Start Investing…

Top Reads

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