About Capital Matters

By Andrew Young (Founder & Editor)

About Capital Matters

Capital Matters is the place to be for UK deals, offers and promo codes that are checked, verified and updated on a daily basis.

Along with discount codes, I write detailed guides to loyalty programmes to help you maximise your savings.

Core Values

What sets Capital Matters apart from other deal and coupon code websites is that all discounts and promo codes are all checked and verified on a consistent basis.

All the important T&Cs are checked and highlighted to you so you know if you’re eligible and what the deal details are.

The ultimate goal for Capital Matters was that you’d never again have to read the words “Voucher Code Invalid” or “Voucher Code Expired”.

I won’t waste your time showing you one discount code if a better one exists. There’s no point in showing you a 5% off code if you can get 20% off. You’ll spend less time searching for deals and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the best price.

Deals are sourced from all over the internet and some deals are exclusive for Capital Matters readers.

Andrew Young, Capital Matters Founder & Editor

When I’m not helping others save money, I’m likely engrossed in a sudoku, listening to country music, cleaning (the neat freak that I am), planning a Disney holiday or watching a movie (avid film buff here).

Originally from Glasgow, I graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a Neuroscience and Psychology BSc in 2017. Post-graduation, I focused on my passion and became a full-time content creator in the money and travel niches. I started this blog, Capital Matters, in 2017.

I’ve always been passionate about money, deals, saving and investing. I’ve developed a bit of a reputation for deal-stacking where I’ll combine coupon codes with cashback and other discounts and I’m always a little frustrated if I have to pay full price.

Capital Matters was born out of my frustration with your typical voucher code website that promotes invalid or expired coupon codes. Here, the validity of all codes and discounts are checked, the T&Cs are reviewed in detail and simplified so the Capital Matters user interface remains simple, clean and clear.

How Capital Matters Makes Money

Capital Matters uses advertising and affiliate links to generate income.

Affiliate links and advertising financially support Capital Matters but they do not affect deal recommendations. In fact, many of the best deals you’ll find on Capital Matters are from non-affiliates.

I also don’t partake in sponsored content.

How Capital Matters Sources, Verifies & Updates Deals

Capital Matters sources deals from all across the internet. Some offers originate from companies directly via their webpage or email marketing, some trend on deals forums or social media, some are exclusive to Capital Matters readers.

All deals and coupon codes are verified before being posted. That means checking that they work in the first place, reading all the T&Cs in detail so you can be informed of any conditions, checking expiry dates and more.

Once a deal or voucher code expires, I’ll remove it from the brand’s deal page on the website so you don’t waste your time trying an expired code.

Still Have Questions?

If you want to ask any questions or you want to submit feedback don’t hesitate to contact me.