The Ultimate Guide To Co-Op Rewards

Being a Co-op Rewards member grants you access to personalised offers and member-only prices. In this ultimate guide, I’ll show you how to join, I’ll break down all the benefits and I’ll answer a whole bunch of FAQs.

Although you pay £1 to join, you can get that back quickly thanks to member prices and offers. Since member prices are on own-brand and branded products, you can easily make that back within a shopping trip of two - Andrew Young (Capital Matters Editor)

How To Join Co-op Rewards

You can join Co-op Rewards online, by downloading the Co-op app or by picking up a temporary Co-op card in-store. Unlike other loyalty schemes, Co-op membership isn’t free. You’ll need to pay £1 to join and that actually grants you 1 share in Co-op. This unlocks all of the Co-op Rewards benefits below.

Once registered, Co-op will send you a membership card through the post and you’ll also have access to a digital Co-op card through the Co-op app (which you can add to your smartphone wallet).

If you’ve picked up a temporary card in-store, make sure you register within 12 weeks or the card will be cancelled and you’ll have to pay the £1 again.

Physical Vs Digital Co-op Rewards Card

When you sign up to Co-op Rewards, you’ll be sent a physical Co-op card which you can use to pay member prices in-store. When shopping at Co-op online, just make sure you’re signed in to access member pricing and offers.

If you want to lighten your wallet or purse, you can use a digital Co-op Rewards card instead. Just download the Co-op app, sign in and go to the Card tab. From there, you can also add your Co-op card to your smartphone wallet (eg. Apple Wallet or Google Wallet)

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Benefits of Co-op Rewards

I go into more detail on all of the benefits below but, as an overview, you’ll benefit from the following as a Co-op Rewards member:

  • 2 Personalised Weekly Offers Which You Manually Add To Your Card - Usually 25p-75p Off specific products

  • Exclusive Member-Only Deals - Discounted prices on a range of branded and own brand products

  • Special Co-op Service Discounts - *Discounts on Co-op Insurance, Funeralcare and Legal Services

*I’d recommend using services like GoCompare or CompareTheMarket before opting for Co-op services based on member discounts.

Activating Weekly Co-op Offers and Bonus Offers

You can activate your weekly Co-op offers (examples below) online or through the Co-op app. As long as you activate them before you check out, you’ll be able to take advantage of them. Just make sure you’re signed in if you’re doing an online shop or you scan your Co-op card at the in-store checkout before finalising your purchase.

  • Activate Co-op Offers Online > Through This Page

  • Activate Co-op Offers Via The App > Offers Tab > Choose 2 Offers

From time-to-time, Co-op will also grant you bonus offers. These tend to be larger discounts off of specific products (eg. £1 off). You can activate bonus offers in addition to your 2 offers per week.

Weekly Co-op Offer Examples

Does Co-op Membership Expire?

Once you’ve paid the £1 to become a Co-op member, you don’t need to do anything to keep it active. It won’t expire.

The only instance you’ll have to pay twice is if you fail to register a temporary Co-op card. If you don’t register it within 12 weeks, it’ll be cancelled and you’ll need to pay another £1 to join.

Do Co-op Offer A Student Discount?

Yes, Co-op offer a 10% Student Discount to TOTUM, Young Scot Card and NUS Apprentice cardholders.

Spending £1 To Join Co-op Rewards - Is It Worth It?

Definitely! The £1 is a one-off payment and if you make the most of weekly offers and member pricing, you’ll save a lot over time compared to the prices you’ll get as a non-member.

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