Hilton: Go More Get More Vs Points Unlimited

The Hilton Honors ‘Go More Get More’ promotion is in place from the 6th of May, 2019 through the 8th of September, 2019.

It replaces the ‘Points Unlimited’ promotion, which ran from January 4th through May the 5th this year. So how does this promotion compare and how can you maximise your Hilton Honors points?

A Guide To Both Offers

Points Unlimited - The Old Promotion

+2000 HH points per stay and + 10,000 HH points per 5 stays/10 nights

Go More Get More - The New Promotion

2x HH base points beginning 2nd stay

+10,000/+15,000/+20,000 bonus points on the 10th/15th/20th stays, respectively

Points Unlimited Vs Go More Get More

I’ve made individual tables for each Hilton Honors member status level (Silver, Gold and Diamond - Below), comparing the points you would have acquired under the old offer (Points Unlimited) vs the points you can now acquire under the new offer (Go More Get More).

Hilton Honors Tier Status Level - Silver, Gold, Diamond - Cards

In each table, I’ve imagined 4 different scenarios. In each, the guest is staying for 20 nights total. There are 2 lower rate ($100/night) and 2 higher rate ($300/night) scenarios, divided further into 2 stays, 10 nights per stay and 20 stays, 1 night per stay.

HH points are granted on pre-tax spending. You won’t accrue points on federal, state, local or city occupancy taxes.

Silver Status

Hilton Honors Silver Points Unlimited vs Go More Get More Offer

Gold Status

Hilton Honors Gold Points Unlimited vs Go More Get More Offer

Diamond Status

Hilton Honors Diamond Points Unlimited vs Go More Get More Offer

Winners and Losers

Stays Over Nights

Both offers benefit guests who have more stays (check-in, check-out) and less nights per stay. This is because of the +2,000 points per stay bonus in the old offer and the 10th, 15th and 20th stay bonuses in the new offer.

In ‘Go More Get More’, any tier HH member would earn 54,000 more points if they split their 20 nights ($100 rate) into 20 stays, rather than just 2.

Higher Rate Spenders Get More Points

Hilton Honors members that pay a higher room rate will get more points under ‘Go More Get More’ than they did under ‘Points Unlimited’. This is because of the double base points offer, beginning on the 2nd stay in the ‘Go More Get More’ promo period.

But, no matter the tier, those that pay a lower room rate will see their bonus points drop.

One good way to illustrate this is if you just compare the flat bonus points you get if you complete 20 stays. +80,000 from 20 stays under the old offer and +45,000 from 20 stays under the new offer.

The double points bonus means those paying higher room rates will earn more than they used to. But it also means those paying lower room rates will earn less than they used to.

Other useful Info

  1. The tables above are just estimations. Points on stays paid in foreign currencies will also fluctuate with the price of the US dollar.

  2. The tables also don’t take into account a few other Hilton bonuses you can get with Hilton membership (ie. Milestone Bonuses, MyWay Bonuses).

  3. Hilton has recently been sending out e-mail promotions to select members (eg. ‘Earn 5000 points when you stay 2 or more nights’) so check your inbox.

  4. A Hilton Honors point ranges in value but is typically valued between 0.4-0.6 cents.

I hope you found this page useful. If you’re a Hilton Honors member who regularly stays in Hilton hotels, you might also be interested in my travel blog, ‘Our Departure Board’.

Since we’re both Hilton Diamond members, my boyfriend Damon and I regularly stay in Hilton hotels. And we complete a detailed review after each stay, taking everything into account from the WiFi speed, to the customer service, to plug socket availability.