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The Benefits of Ezoic Premium

With Ezoic Premium, you receive the following benefits:

  1. Higher Ad Revenue From Premium Advertisers

  2. Priority Data Processing

  3. Priority Big Data Reporting

  4. Schedule Site Reviews

  5. Discounted Site Speed Accelerator - LEAP is replacing SSA

I’ll go over each of these benefits in turn:

1. Higher Ad Revenue From Premium Advertisers

The main benefit of Ezoic premium. Ezoic has deals with specific partners that are interested in displaying ads on your type of website.

These premium deals offer much higher CPM rates than you get with standard real-time Ezoic ad auctions. As a result, you, the content creator, will see an increase in your Ezoic ad earnings.


Importantly, this is about ad quality, not quantity. With Premium, you won’t see more ads on your website. Instead, you’ll see higher quality/less spammy ads.

On average, you can expect a 50%-250% increase in revenue using Ezoic Premium.

2. Priority Data Processing

As a Premium user, your testing data gets processed first in Ezoic’s system. Ezoic’s system, as you’re likely aware, is designed to improve revenue and user experience. Having your data processing means optimisations can be made at a faster pace.

This will help to generate higher revenue and improve user experience. As user experience directly impacts SEO, this too can help to increase your revenue.

3. Priority Big Data Reporting

Big Data is basically Ezoic’s version of Google Analytics. You’ll already have access to Big Data as a regular Ezoic user. You can use Big Data to delve into the details of your analytics (audience, behaviour, traffic sources, user experience, etc.).

As an Ezoic Premium user, your data is processed first so your analytics will be updated faster.

As an example, you can see that over the 30 day period below, data for premium users was made available 14-26 hours earlier than for non-premium users.

4. Schedule Site Reviews

These are basically Ezoic expert sessions that you can schedule. You can use these to take a closer look at your site analytics, ask questions etc.

You’ll be able to schedule these sessions monthly or quarterly depending on your Premium level:

  • Schedule Quarterly Sessions - Starter, Growth, 3 Star, 4 Star, 5 Star

  • Schedule Monthly Sessions - Diamond and Above

5. Discounted Site Speed Accelerator - But LEAP is Replacing SSA

Site Speed Accelerator is an Ezoic plugin which basically pools features of multiple speed-optimising plugins into one. However, Ezoic are gradually replacing SSA with LEAP. LEAP is basically a revamped version of SSA but it’s free. That means when you get access to LEAP, the value of the SSA discount will disappear.

If you don’t yet have access to LEAP, Premium will grant you a discount off of the paid-for features of Site Speed Accelerator.

  • Free Features - Remove Unused CSS, Intelligent Caching, Pre-Connect Origins, Minify HTML, Lazy Load iFrames, Optimise Fonts

  • SiteSpeed+ Features - Critical CSS Rendering, Lazy Load Images, Next-Gen Images, Auto-Resize Images, Site Speed Tracking, Advanced Speed Reporting

SiteSpeed+ ranges in price ($21.75/month-$999.99/month) depending on your page views, number of domains and billing method (monthly/annual). Ezoic Premium grants you a discount which differs depending on your Premium level:

  • 30% Off - Starter, Growth

  • 50% Off - 3 Star, 4 Star

  • 70% Off - 5 Star

  • Free - Diamond and Above

How Do You Join Ezoic Premium?

You have to meet two criteria to join Ezoic Premium:

  • 3 Months With Ezoic - Be an Ezoic User for around 3 months or more

  • $50 Earnings Per Month - Earn at least $50 in Ezoic revenue per month

Once you’ve met both of those requirements, you’re likely to get invited to Premium. Premium’s an invitation-only service so you can’t apply directly. You’ll be sent an email with an invitation to join.

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Is Ezoic Premium Free?

Ezoic Premium isn’t free but they’ll only invite you if they estimate that your ad earnings will increase more than the cost. The difference between the two is your Ezoic Premium profit.

There are multiple tiers (which I’ll go into below) and they provide you an estimated revenue boost for each tier.

Ezoic won’t auto-upgrade you to a higher Premium tier (you’ll need to manually upgrade) but they will auto-downgrade you if your earnings decrease past the point where paying for Premium no longer makes sense.

Also, the Premium amount shown in your Premium section isn’t what replaces your earnings. You’ll see the premium earnings on top of your standard Ezoic earnings. That’s how they’re calculated. So Premium revenue is the extra amount you’re earning for being an Ezoic premium user.

Ezoic Premium Plans, Levels And Profits

Quite confusingly, there are 2 dimensions to Ezoic Premium. ‘Plans’ and ‘Levels’.

  • Ezoic Premium Plans - Ranges between Starter and 7 Diamond

  • Premium Plan Levels - Basic, Preferred or Elite (Applies To Each Plan)

You’ll be able to select a Plan based on your Ezoic Earnings and a Level within that plan. For example, if you’re earning $120-$249/Month, you’ll be eligible for the Growth Plan. If you opt for the Elite Level, you’ll pay $44 per month (annual billing) and you can expect an Ezoic revenue increase of between $68-$83 per month.

I’ve outlined all the Plans and Levels in the table below. The ‘Profit Vs Lower Estimate’ line takes the lower end of the expected revenue increase and takes away the cost of Premium. Focus on this line if you want to work out what sort of profit you can expect with Premium.

Should I Choose Ezoic Premium, Preferred or Elite?

My recommendation is to pay for Ezoic Premium Elite, the highest tier possible. Elite gives you the highest ROI.

Ezoic Premium Annual Billing Discount

If you opt for annual billing (paid monthly), rather than monthly billing, you’ll save 20% on any Ezoic Premium Plan. The only difference between the two is that annual billing locks you into one year of Premium.

You can opt for annual billing at any point. Ezoic will make any adjustments to your next invoice.

Can You Pay For Ezoic Premium With Ad Earnings?

No, you must pay for Ezoic Premium with a credit card. I’d suggest paying with a cashback/points-earning credit card too. The payment is taken on a monthly or annual cycle (annual being cheaper).

Payments are processed in USD so there may be a conversion fee depending on your card. Non-conversion fee cards in the UK, for example, include Starling Bank Personal and Business Cards and Payoneer Cards.

Will Ezoic Premium Apply To All Your Websites on Ezoic?

Yes, and that’s a huge advantage! If you have multiple sites that are earning through Ezoic and you join Ezoic Premium, all of your sites will start displaying higher paying ads. You’ll also get all the other benefits applied to all sites (eg. Priority Data Processing).

That’s great news if you have a portfolio of websites or blogs and some perform better than others.

How Ezoic Premium Affects Q1 Earnings After The New Year

Whilst Q4 is the best time for ad rates, Q1 (the first 3 months of the new year) can be slower than usual.

I know a lot of publishers get concerned that Premium revenue won’t make up for Q1 ad rate drops and, understandably, they don’t want to see Premium costing them, rather than making them money.

In actual fact, Ezoic Premium protects you from low ad rates in Q1. According to Ezoic, “No publisher in January 2020 made less than the cost of premium”, meaning they all continued to make a profit.

Whilst a lot of publishers stay on their current Premium plan, Ezoic will automatically lower yours if you’re projected to make less than the cost. They’ll then provide a pro-rata refund for the cost of the higher plan on your next invoice. Once ad rates bounce back, you can then, of course, re-upgrade to the higher plan.

Have questions about Ezoic Premium? Comment below for a fast response or message me on Twitter @AndrewYBlogs or Instagram @capitalmattersblog.