Spotify Deals and Trials UK July 2021

The best Spotify Deals and trials that you can get right now in the UK. Updated throughout July 2021. Bookmark this page to stay up to date on all the ways to save money on Spotify.

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Spotify Cost

Spotify offer free, ad-supported music as well as paid-for plans which grant you unlimited skips, zero ads and offline play:

4 Months Spotify Premium Free With £1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Free Spotify Offer Ends 3rd of May 2022

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Users can get 4 months of Spotify Premium for free along with other Game Pass Ultimate Perks (eg. Play 100+ Games, Xbox Live Gold, member discounts and other free perks). The offer is available for new Spotify users only.

Plus, new (and even previous) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users are frequently offered 3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £1.

Once subscribed to Xbox GPU, head to the Perks Gallery on your Xbox, Xbox App for Windows or Xbox Game Pass mobile app to redeem the offer.

3 Month Spotify Premium Free Trial

Non-PayPal users can get a 3 month Spotify Premium free trial via Spotify direct.

3 Months Spotify Premium Free With PayPal

You can get a 3 month Spotify Premium free trial via your PayPal account.

3 Months of Headspace Free With Spotify Premium

Get 3 months of Headspace free with a Premium Subscription (£9.99/month then £14.99/month after the offer period). Works if you’re a new or existing Spotify user. Students can pay £4.99/month and get the same offer.

Save 17% With A Spotify Gift Card

Get 12 months of Spotify Premium for £99 with a Spotify Gift Card from Amazon, saving 17% compared to the usual 1 year cost (£119.88).

Free Spotify Is Better On Desktop

Spotify’s free version on mobile is restricted to 6 skips/hour and shuffling. With the desktop version of free Spotify, you get unlimited skips and you can select individual songs. If you can handle the ads, it’s much closer to the Premium experience.

Run Out Of Spotify Skips? Try Playlist Hopping

Ever run out of Spotify skips on a shuffled playlist but you really want to skip the song? Try playlist hopping. Shuffle another playlist, listen to a song or two and then re-shuffle the original playlist. If you return to the playlist too early, you’ll return to the same song (the one you wanted skipped). Return after you’ve played another song and it’ll play a different song.

Split The Cost of Spotify Duo or Family

Consider subscribing to Spotify Duo or Spotify Family and splitting the cost with friends or family:

  • Spotify Duo (2 People/Shared Address) - £13.99/month or £6.99/month Split 2 Ways

  • Spotify Family (6 People/Shared Address) - £16.99/month or £2.83/month Split 6 Ways