2-for-1 Dining with Meerkat Meals

You might have seen an advert for Meerkat Meals (it’s being heavily marketed). But what exactly is it and how do you get it? 

If you are familiar with Meerkat Movies which grants you 2 for 1 movie tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, this concept will be familiar to you. Meerkat Meals grants Compare The Market customers the ability to get 2 for 1 on starters, main courses and desserts across the UK. The offer is valid Sunday to Thursday and you can use it as much as you like for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is much more flexible than the Meerkat Movies offer. 

Meerkat Meals And Meerkat Movies For £1.17

I had a nice surprise the other day when I found out that existing Meerkat Movies members were automatically given access to Meerkat Meals. I got Meerkat Movies in January this year for 12 months and I got it by spending £1.17 on UK, single day, single person travel insurance through Compare The Market. That was a small investment for a year of 2 for 1 movies.

You can read the detailed article on how I did this here. I am pleasantly surprised that they have given existing members access to this new offer. But I am more surprised that this trick I used still works. Since it has worked for a number of years, I assume that it is not hurting their business. 

Meerkat Meals and Meerkat Movies

Here's How It Works

Use the Meerkat App

Open the Meerkat App. You will now use this app for both Meerkat Meals and Meerkat Movies. Select ‘Meals’ at the bottom of the screen. Using the next screen, you can find a participating restaurant. Select the one you wish to dine in. 

Meerkat Movies and Meerkat Meals App

Book or Walk-ins

If the offer works with walk-ins, it will state ‘Book - Walk-ins welcome’. You can still reserve a table if you wish, just tap on the ‘Book’ button and you can select to call or book online. If you have to book first, it will state ‘Call to Book - Booking Required’. Just tap on the button, the app will remind you to mention ‘Meerkat Meals’ during the call. This is a requirement. When you select ‘Okay, got it!’, the phone number will pop up allowing you to call them. 

Show When You Pay

When you go to pay for your meal, tap on the 2 for 1 golden ticket at the top right hand corner of the map screen. Input the number of diners and select ‘continue’. You will be taken to the screen shown underneath. Show this to the person serving you when you go to pay. There are some caveats and important points that I have outlined further down this post.  

Meerkat Movies - App - Usage Page

Where Can You Use Meerkat Meals?

Some of the restaurant chains which participate in the Compare The Market offer include Bella Italia, Chiquito, Handmade Burger Co, Pizza Express, Prezzo and Zizzi:

Updated August 2019. Here’s a more extensive list of restaurants:

  • ASK Italian

  • Beefeater

  • Bella Italia

  • Brewers Fayre

  • Café Rouge

  • Chiquito

  • Coast To Coast

  • Frankie & Bennies

  • Filling Station

  • Giraffe

  • Handmade Burger Co

  • Pizza Express

  • Pizza Hut

  • Prezzo

  • Table Table

  • Zizzi

Walk-ins are welcome at all the chain restaurants I found above.

Importantly, it’s not just the chains that participate. Similar to how you can use the Meerkat Movies offer at a number of independent cinemas, Meerkat Meals works at a number of independent restaurants. Therefore, even if you’re planning a meal somewhere more obscure, remember to check the app first.

What Are The Qualifying Products For Meerkat Meals?

A detailed list of qualifying purchases can be found in the Rewards T&Cs section of the Compare The Market website*. My article on Meerkat Movies states the cheapest way to become a member if you simply want to make a purchase for the sole reason of getting access to these offers. 

Are Any Days Excluded Throughout The Year?

The offer will not work on Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. 

Compare The Market* do state that ‘certain restaurants may have additional excluded days during December’. Just make sure you check the app before you book. 

Does This Work In Conjunction With Other Offers?

This is an important point. No it doesn’t. Therefore, it is always good to look for better deals before you go for your meal. You can check websites or apps like the VoucherCodes* for better offers. 

What Does The 2-For-1 Offer Actually Apply To?

The offer applies to matching courses (ie. starters, mains or desserts). So if 2 people order 3 courses each, the cheapest of each course will be free. If 1 person orders a 3 course meal and the other orders a main only, only the cheapest main course will be free. The restaurant is responsible for deciding what food counts in each category. 

Is There A Limit To The Number Of People In My Group?

The minimum number of people the offer will apply to is 2 and the maximum number is 6. However, the offer can work on up to groups of 10 in some participating restaurants. If this is the case, it will be stated on the app. 


The combination of Meerkat Movies and Meerkat Meals can potentially save you a lot of money over the course of 12 months. The saving will obviously depend on how often you normally dine or see a movie.

I have found it difficult to beat the Meerkat Movies offer myself. With Meerkat Meals, be aware of other vouchers and offers which might save you more. Any additional offer you can potentially use is good news for consumers in my books.  

If you liked this post, hit that like button down below. How have you found the Meerkat Meals offer and how much has it saved you so far? Will you be using my trick to gain access to it really cheaply? Let me know in the comments section down below.