A series of calculators designed to help you save money over time.

Return On Investment Calculator

You can use the calculator below to determine the projected value of your investments after a given period of time. In other words, your return on investment (ROI). The calculator takes into account your initial investment, any recurring monthly contributions, the projected annual return/interest rate (%) and the length of the investment period.

Please bear in mind this calculator does not take into account your tax liability.

Electrical Running Cost Calculator

You can use this calculator to determine the annual running cost of your electrical appliances.

Appliances with higher energy efficiency can cut running costs and cut your carbon footprint.

The calculator takes into account a couple of variables. Firstly, your appliance kWh usage per year (use either the estimation which you’ll find in the product details or use your own calculated figures). And secondly, the price of your electricity in pence (which you can find on your energy tariff).