Triple Discount/Cashback Trick

How To Get 3+ Discounts on One Purchase:

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Here's a trick I learned that can really increase those retail discounts. If done right, you can actually receive up to 3 (or maybe even 4) discounts on various products at multiple retailers. Here’s how: 

Triple Discount Cashback Trick

The 3 requirements:

  1. Zeek*, a discounted gift card store, must offer an e-gift card, equal to or less than the value of your item, for the retailer you are wanting to shop wit8h.

  2. A cashback website, such as TopCashBack* or Quidco* must offer cashback through Zeek*.

  3. A cashback website is offering cashback on your chosen retailer.

If all 3 criteria are fulfilled, follow these 2 steps:

  1. Use a cashback website to purchase the Zeek* e-gift card (not the in-store card)

  2. Use a cashback website again to purchase your item from your retailer, putting your gift card balance towards the purchase.

Congratulations, you have just received cashback on a purchase where you used a discounted gift card, on which you have also received cashback. 

How much could this save?

The saving will be very contextual as it depends on the cashback rates, the value of the e-gift card discount, etc. But on a first time purchase, using typical cashback/discount rates, this is what you could expect. 

Let’s assume I’m wanting to make a £50 clothing purchase at Debenhams:

Cashback Flow Chart.png


Item starts at a cost of £50

You use a cashback website (TopCashBack* in this case) to get £6.30 cashback from Zeek* when you purchase the gift card.

The £50 gift card was discounted by 6% on Zeek*, costing you £47. So far you have saved £9.30

You use a cashback website (Quidco* in this case) to purchase your £50 clothing item at Debenhams. You receive £2.50 in cashback. 

You have saved a total of £11.80 (24%) on your £50 clothing item. 


The only catch here is that you won’t receive the cashback immediately. Normally cashback sites show your pending purchase within around 5 days and pay you within around 90 days. 

Add more Cashback/rewards on top

You could even add a couple of other rewards on top. If you have a rewards/cashback credit card you can use that when you make the purchase. Also, if the retailer has a loyalty scheme, you can earn loyalty points as well. In my experience tricks like these can be well hidden but they are out there. It just takes a little cunning to reap the rewards. 

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