5 Essential Finance Bloggers & Vloggers

I have been watching financial vlogs and reading financial blogs for years. I have subscribed and unsubscribed many times. But in my opinion, these 5 financial minds will give you a good range of advice on the four pillars of finance. Earning, Saving, Investing and Loss Aversion. Aside from their financial acumen, I have stuck around because they are great personalities. 

Ask Sebby

I came across Ask Sebby when I first started looking into building my credit score. I took his advice and obtained my first credit card to build a credit history. I have been witnessing my credit score climbing consistently ever since. 

Beat The Bush

I love the range of videos on this channel. It features everything from cooking on a budget, to investing and passive income generation. If I want new and original advice, rather than the standard over-reiterated financial opinions I come here. 

Credit Shifu (Ben Hedges)

The backstory of Ben Hedges is really interesting. He lived in Hong Kong, the UK and Taiwan before moving to the USA. He talked about his struggle to live in the US without an established credit score. So he climbed the credit ladder and now enjoys the many perks that come with maximising points/rewards. 

The Mini Millionaire (Cora Harrison)

The Mini Millionaire was the first to introduce me to the joys of reselling and the necessity for income diversification. Amongst other things, she publishes income/expense reports and advocates the need for more people to be open with their finances. 

Graham Stephan

Graham is a realtor associate based in Los Angeles. His YouTube channel focuses on real estate and passive income generation. I was drawn to this channel because of his attitude compared to other real estate vloggers. Graham helps you understand how consistency and long term investment, when it comes to wealth building, is essential. 

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